Monthly Archives: May 2010

Father’s Day Is Coming

Father’s day is coming soon. I don’t know what to buy to give my beloved dad. Any idea from you there? Just jot down you comment and I will get back to you.. 🙂

Usually, we as a children are always keep on talking about our mum because mum is always there, being on our side when we are in need of something such as clothes, food, drinks, toys, money and the list goes on. We are seldom talk about our dad because dad is always busy with his work here and there. (more…)

Happy Mothers’ Day to My Beloved Mum

Mum, I’m proud to be your daughter. I’m blessed to have you as my mum. I know that sometimes, we’re quarrel about things which we have a different reasons to stick with our own standpoint. But I do love the way you taught me and my siblings about how to accept life and how to be positive in every single way.  You taught me how to be strong, to learn how to learn, and to be a good listener. (more…)

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