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Why Should You Set Goals?

Wonder why some people could not even achieve an inch of what they dream of becoming? Blame it on pure dreaming and lack of setting goals for achieving their dreams.

Setting goals is a very significant part of success and positive accomplishments. It is like scaling a 20 feet building and marking early on what feet you would like to reach at this specific period.

People who set goals literally create a map of their target achievements in life, marking where they should begin, where to pause, where to delve a bit, and where and when to stop. Once this map is created, it allows the map drawer to check where he is in the scheme of things and whether or not he is making some achievements that will take him closer to his goals. (more…)

4 Successful self-help strategies to get out of debt

Over the years you must have recklessly used you credit cards and landed yourself in serious financial trouble. If such is your financial state, you need not worry as there are various self-help strategies that will help you eliminate your debt problems. Instead of going to professional debt help companies and spending more than the necessary costs in cutting your credit card debts, have patience and take the steps mentioned below in order to wipe off your debts for good. Legal processes like credit card consolidation, should only be chosen when all your self-help strategies have failed. Read on to know more about successful ways to get rid of debt on your own.
1. Evaluate your debts: Collect all your financial documents and get free copies of your credit report to see where you stand. This is the basic step that you should take towards get-out-of-debt plan. Most people stay away from evaluating their debts, but they are least aware that this is the most important step towards cutting off your debt load. Make a list of all your debts, secured and unsecured. Take note of annual fees on your multiple credit cards. After you evaluate your debts, you will be able to figure out how much you need to save to start paying off your debts. (more…)

My new Bonuslink Card is ready to be used!

How are you my readers, it’s been a week I haven’t post anything here in my blog. I wonder if I still got some silent readers in this blog, hehe. But never mind though, I just hope that this blog will at least give you something helpful when you are in need of certain information.

Well, today I just want to announce (it sounds so official, isn’t it? Well, my bad for selecting more formal word) that I just received my new Bonuslink card. Remember the post “Bonuslink Replacement Card“?  Well, actually this is the second time I replace my Bonuslink card since the magnetic bar on my former card cannot be read anymore. It makes I keep on collecting Bonuslink claim from Shell fuel station whenever my little “Kancil” was run out of fuel.

Well, with this new Bonuslink card, problem solved for Bonuslink points. Maybe it sounds funny, but I hope I can get this for free someday:

Don’t waste your Bonuslink point..

Get more info of how you can redeem this awesome deals at

Get On Board: Unicef and First Lady Summit 2010

I’m sure that you will notice this ads in this blog of mine. As a blogger, this is only I can do to help create awareness among people on how important for each of us to support abuse-free towards children. In Malaysia, “throwing away” (well, this might sounds harsh) just-born baby is just like a contagious disease. What a very sad situation as we’re in the way to become more civilize nations 10 years from now in order to challenge the Wawasan 2020 founded by Tun Mahathir. Thank you for Unicef for this campaign. I hope that all of you out there will aware that child-abuse phenomenon is something that should not be appeared in our modern era. (more…)

Youngsters, Beware of Digi Easy Prepaid..

Yellow Color, what are you thinking when see this color? Yes, sunshine, gold and of course, DIGI! Digi Easy Prepaid is now live in town! This SIM Pack has a new improved features so that you can stay connected with your close friends and stay in touch with them more frequently.  Just by looking the picture, I wold guarantee that youths will absolutely love this new SIM Pack plan.

I just copy its features from my NuffnangEvangelist in order to spread this great news, so check it out for yourself. : (more…)

No Fraud Click Please!

What do you think motivates a person want to click on something they read or see in the Internet? Yes, correct! Because they’re interested to know more about what they are reading or seeing just now. We’re as a blogger are well-blessed with lots of opportunities to gain some side income by joining Advertising parties such as Nuffnang, Advertlets, ManggaAds, Google Adsense and the list goes on. However, what I’ve seen on the blogger’s trend nowadays, they are not blogging because of passion they have in blogging world, but more on the motive to earn quick money. This might be cruel to say, but as a blogger and doing such activities, you might not be able to become a blogger for a long period of time.  Say no to fraud click!

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