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Struggling hard for Financial?

I’ve been wandering around the world today…oh yes, only via the Internet though. Hehe.. Nothing much for today as I just bought a new domain from my favorite DigitalPoint forum. I bought using Paypal, which is very trusted and I can issue a refund if I’ve been scammed. Talking about finance, I just accidentaly found kredit trotz schufa while searching for the keyword how to apply for a credit card. Well, I don’t have one now. But I also am not planning to apply for it. Just want to know the procedures.  If you want to make some loan you can visit the website.

When I read those information in the site (well, of course the official language is from Germany, thanks to Google Web Translate) the site also give you information of how your loan application can be approved quickly by using common calculation. Hmm…I guess it’s not that easy for unemployed person like me huh! Need to struggle for good financial.

Spring Season: Why you should opt for Mauritius Holidays?

Got any plan this Spring season? Hmm…I hope I could go somewhere such as Mauritius. Mauritius is known to be among the most beautiful places in the world. This is the first reason that you should opt for Mauritius Holidays. Besides, there a many travel agencies who gladly will help you to plan your Mauritius Holidays. (more…)

Shopping on the Internet

I have been shopping on the Internet 3 or 4 years ago. In Malaysia, online shopping is on the rising now. This kind of online shopping trend happened maybe 10 to 15 years back in United States and other European countries. is a website where you can put your trust with all your heart when it comes to online shopping. They recommend the most trustworthy and worthy shopping sites for your money when you shop through their sites. Life is never been this easier with Internet. Be it lingerie (which is the thing I love to buy online to avoid shyness, hehe..), be it tiny home decorations, you can find them easily via online.

Well, I seldom buy physical products. 95% of my online shopping is on digital products. I love digital products because in terms of delivery, it really fast especially when I use Paypal as my payment method. I’m thankful for knowing how to use Internet. Let’s use Internet facilities with good reasons. I’m sure we’ll get lots of benefits as well as profits from this technology. 🙂

Relax your mind with Sonic Games

Try to write second post for today., hehe… Few months ago I wrote that I was addicted to miniclip games. Now I am going to share with you Sonic Games, a place where you can play their games for absolutely free of charge!

Well, playing sonic games maybe one of a way to kill the time. Maybe, you’re pressure with your workload, you can take some rest and play sonic games. I love to play Sonic puzzle as it keep my brain working and at the same time, I get some rest from my stress research work.

You should try this sonic games for yourself, I really recommend this if you’re in stress mode. Try to relax and I’m sure you will get your motivation back on track when you done playing this irresistible sonic games.

p/s: I think this sonic games is really attract more kids as well as teenagers to play because of the Sonic’s character itself.

Self-Help to Website Setup

Hello and how are you my readers? It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this english blog of mine. Well, actually I’m still active in this blogging world but for now my hectic schedule won’t allow me to keep this blog very often.

But today I managed to seize some time to write something for you here. I’m going to share with you how you can create your own website just like this blog. Well, I’m not going to show you the steps here since I already got the steps from another site on how to create a website. The site will show you 5 most important steps that you should do to create your own WordPress Website. You also can do blog setup on your own. As for me, I love to learn just by using the most powerful search engin, Google. Hehe..

p/s: Now the time shows 2:32 in the morning 11 April 2011. It’s 2 more days for my 28th birthday. Oh gosh, I’m getting older.

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