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Are those wrinkles make you lose motivation?

When I was writing this post, the time now shows 2 o’clock in the morning. Yes, bad sleeping habit. I don’t recall when I started to sleep very late. Maybe since I was 19 (when I pursued my Diploma), and yes, the habit of sleeping late stick until today.

Talking about wrinkles, yes I had wrinkles. Opss, maybe I should say fine lines around my eyes. I seldom take care of my skin, to tell you the truth, I don’t really care about skincare. But there are sometimes, I will have the urge inside me to look after my skin. Then, I will start looking for wrinkle cream reviews in the Internet and most of the time, I will buy the products or ask my mum to buy it for me.

For now, I just use eye cream to prevent wrinkles on my eyes’ area. Because I always sleep late, eye care is extremely important for me. I’m not so into skincare or body care, but when it comes to eyes, I am very concern. Ok, time to go to sleep now. .need some energy for tomorrow. Later. 🙂

p/s: Wrinkles are normal, don’t let them steal your motivation or confidence! All of us will be old in the future. 🙂

How to SEO your blog?

Hi there again my dear readers, today’s weather is very hot in Kota Kinabalu. The weather is not predictable right, maybe this afternoon will be raining. But I hope not since tonight my family and I will attend divine service in Kota Kinabalu’s True Jesus Church.

Well, that’s enough about myself. Today I’m going to share with you about backlink checker.  If you’re a webmaster or a blogger, you at least should know what is SEO and Backlinks. SEO is stands for Search Engine Optimization and according to Wikipedia, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. On the other hand, backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Well, I always check my blog backlinks using Alexa. But you also can find lots of sites that can give how many backlink in your blog.

There is a great relevancy between this SEO and Backlinks. If you’re able to make your site (website or blog) SEO-friendly in the eyes of Google, that’s mean more traffic for you and also more backlinks to you. I’m actually not good in SEO, that’s why I prefer link exchange to gain more backlinks for this blog of mine. But I think the originality of your site content is also important because Google does love unique content very much. As for me, in terms of how I make SEO in my blog, I used awstat and refer to the most keywords that had been search in this blog. Then, I keep on writing about it once a week. So guys, keep on writing your own words and stories. Besides, I’m sure there’s lots of good stories you want to share with the world right? 🙂

Explore Africa with Zambia Safaris Holidays

Hello my dear readers, already few days since I updated this blog of mine. Kind of very busy lately but I guess I should not keep my readers waiting any longer. So here I come and today I’m going to talk about Africa.

Talking about Africa, what do you have in mind? Yes, it’s Safari right? Tigers, lions, elephants and lots of other animals in Safari World. I do love watch wild animals but not in real life, National Geographic is just fine with me. But if you have a dream to come and explore Africa, don’t forget to create your journey with Zambia safaris, which is known to be specialists in luxury African travel.

With Zambia safaris, you will be able to know what accommodations they provide, whether you travel to Africa as a family trip or honeymoon trip, the staffs will provide the best option for you. you don’t have to worry about their customer services as lots of their staffs are well-experienced in handle customer wants and needs. Sounds great right. Well, I hope this information helps. Till then,

Want To Hire Professional Writing Services

Hello my dear loyal readers. It’s been a week since I posted entry here. Well, I’ve been very busy these few days. And yes, I caught a flu and fever yesterday. Today, I have a little time to write in this blog of mine, so feel free to read my short entry here.

Well, I was thinking to hire some professional writing services in order to maintain my blogs’ contents. Yes, you read it right. I have lots of blog to be maintained every month. Right now, I got more than 10 blogs and all of them are being developed to meet the needs of Internet market.

Hire someone of other party to write good and unique contents for your blog is always a wise choice. To Google, content is the king and you should not neglect the power of your site content. Google loves unique content. As for me, if I want to find good content writer, I will not mind if I have to spend more money as long as the content is good and SEO-friendly. I always used professional writing services since I don’t have time to write all contents for my blogs. If you’re planning to own many blogs for whatever purposes, you should consider of hiring content writer for your sites.

Coupons Exchange Philippines

Coupons Exchange Philippines is a public website that caters to group buying buffs out there who are up to exchanging, selling and searching for purchased vouchers.

Ever purchased a voucher but cannot redeem for certain reasons? Thinking of exchanging your purchased vouchers with another? Or maybe you’re looking for expired deals at Ensogo, Metrodeal, CashCashPinoy, CleverBuy, Groupon, etc and wanted to buy or exchange one with another group buying buff out there? Post them all up at Coupons Exchange Philippines for free and receive notifications from interested sellers/buyers!

Get Healthy and Motivated with Haelan 951

Hello my dear readers, happy Friday. I hope you are still in motivated. If you still can smile before your piles of workloads which are given to you, you’re really amazing I guess..  But healthy comes first then you will have a good health to face your day by day. Haelan 951 is the solution.

Okay, do not be frightened by its numeric name. Haelan 951 is actually a fermented Soy beverage that has been acknowledged among the most powerful immune system booster on the market. Adding Haelan 951 into your daily family’s lifestyle routine will protect you and your family from light to serious illness such as flu or even cancer. I repeat, cancer which is the number one cause of death towards women in Malaysia! This product can be absorbed by our body very fast.

I already saw the price of Haelan products and I think the price is still affordable even the shipping fee is included. Not available in Malaysia? Oh no, today is not an ice age anymore. Online payment is always available.  🙂

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