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Need Transformers-Like Toys For Your Kids?

Hello again my dear readers, I hope that you’re doing great as usual there. I know that some of my readers here come from different races and religions. But when it comes to kids especially boys, everyone of them already knew that Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon was released yesterday (for Malaysia release)  and maybe earlier in the USA and other European countries.

Before any further, you should buy toy such as rc excavator as a preparation. Why? The Transformer 3 fever may influence your male children of having yellow Bumble Bee sport car or strong Optimus Prime and may push you to buy one for them. The original Transformers collection maybe expensive for parents who cannot afford such high prices. However, rc excavator is another good option for you to win your kids’ heart. Besides, this toy can educate your kids too. I think it’s an excellent gift for your kids.

How do you send photos to mobile?

It is 12 o’clock sharp and today is the last day in the month of June 2011. Time sure is flying away so fast now, or it’s just my imagination? Maybe not. Well, this time I think I want to write just one paragraph to this entry of mine. I just want to share with you the other way to send photos to mobile. You may go to the link I provided to you to know more. As for me, I always use bluetooth technology to transfer picture from my laptop to my Nokia X2, and vice versa. Sometimes, I will use USB cable to transfer large size or lot amount  of pictures. If you don’t want to switch on your laptop or PC every time you want to share your photos in you phone, S3M is the best solution for you. It’s time to change your trend of sharing pictures!

Best Boutiques Online Jackets

Greetings to my dear loyal readers and visitors, the weather here is not so good. I think it will be raining this late afternoon. You will need a jacket or  sweater to keep your body warm especially when you’re in air-conditioned workplace.

Talking about jackets, I just found best boutiques online jackets while searching for information regarding fashion that I should wear for attending engagement day of my best friend next month. For me, I love to wear a jacket that will match with all my clothes. All I have to do is to mix and match with the color of my jacket. Of course my ideal color for a jacket will be the one with dark color.

Did I mention that the site also enable you to shop other clothes such as dresses, jumpsuits, pants, denim, skirts and many more (couldn’t list here, there are so many choices)

p/s: The clothes are made by best selling designers and some of the clothes are even worn by international celebrities, yay… 🙂

Poly Bags

Hello to all of you my dear readers of my blog, Will Power Within. I hope that all of you just doing fine out there. Well, today I went to see my youngest sister’s sport day together with my first younger sister. Even though she did not place top three in the list, I’m so proud of her because she managed to finish the end line. That the spirit I want to see inside her. Well done girl!

Well as usual, food and beverages which provided by the school used polystyrene. Okay, I know that when I talk about  poly bags, you will have negative things in mind. Be positive my friends, there are poly bags which you can use safely. As a consumer, you must know that there are poly bags that already approved by FDA for food packaging. It cannot be denied poly bags have lots of functions such as anti-static bags, paper shopping or grocery bags, resealable bags, vacuum bags and many more, you named it.

p/s: I think that we cannot be separated with poly bags. I myself love to keep poly bags as part of my collections. Good news is that you can buy poly bags via online now. Cool, right? 🙂

Wall Hangings: Sense of Interior Design Ideas

A very good morning to all of you my dear readers. Well, time is sure fleeting so fast. This is the last Saturday for this month of June 2011. I hope that this half year of 2011 taught you a new lesson in life. My activities for today: go to church for Sabbath service and attend my cousin’s wedding ceremony.

Okay, talking about wall hangings, I found one in the Internet as you can see the picture I attached here. This wall hanging is so-called Autumn Leaves. Beautiful isn’t it?  Well, you can find more beautiful and professional made wall hangings easily with few clicks on your web browser. When you shop online, you can save money and will get discount coupon too. What a save, right? 🙂

Wall hangings are artwork pieces that always use by professional interior design decorator to beautify your room’s look. When it comes to interior design ideas, wall hangings must be matched with the interior design concepts itself. For example, if I want my room has a Japanese touch, the wall hangings also must reflect the Japanese style. Like the picture of wall hanging I attached here, I can sense the Japanese touch just by looking at it. Hmm..Japanese interior design ideas..again? ^_^

Memorable photo bags

Hello and happy Tuesday to all of my dear readers here. Today I brought my youngest sister to  clinic. She’s having fever. Hopefully she will get well soon.

Well, today I want to share with you interesting site that I’ve just found just now. Yes, it’s about photo bags. For some people, photo bags are important to them because just by looking at the bag, they could recall the special day or moment easily.

Photo bags also have sentimental values for each of us. That is why the site accept custom made personalized by their customers. You can choose your own photos, text or graphics and they will take care of the rest.

Right now the site is having a big sale and you could save more dollars when you order your customize photo bags now. You also can shop according to style, size or occasion, cool right? There are various choices you can have such as photo handbags, photo collage handbags, photo purses and the list goes on.

p/s: I found this photo bag while searching in Google images just now, nice one right? 🙂

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