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Cheap Research Papers

I have a little time to write before doing my paperwork for this November conference in Sarawak. I don’t know if my paperwork will be accepted, but I will just try my luck otherwise publish of perish, hehe.. Okay, I know there are lots of students in their tertiary education have some problem with their academic writing, but if you really in need to write good acadmic writing, you can find research papers for sale in the Internet. It’s not that I encourage you to buy other paperwork, but just in case you are in desperate situation, this is one of the way. As for me, I don’t think I want to buy research papers for now. 🙂

Want Help to Check Your Grammar?

When I’ve made mistake in English writings, I never felt so down because English is not my first language. However, I keep on improving myself to become better and better everyday. Sometimes, when I’m doing my paperwork, I will use grammar checker to detect my grammar mistakes. Well, indeed it helps me a lot. Same goes to you, when you want to write essays or even academic writing, you can get help from the Internet. There are lot of software that could check your grammar mistakes.


Hello again and happy Friday to all of you out there. Well, productivity decreased today as another weekend is coming to town. Fasting month will be decided this Sunday. Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends. Anyway, do you know what is Igrice, or have you ever heard about it? Well, Igrice is another type of games which is almost similar to other games. The good news is that you also can play these games for free of charge.  I already tried it and it looks fun. Remember, just play with it for little period of time or you will be addicted to it (based from my experience). Especially for kids, so parents need to take care of this. 🙂

Hot Flash Games

Good afternoon to all of you my dear readers. Hopefully you are doing great today. Well, today is the first day of a new fourth week in this month of July. Relax yourself by playing some  hot flash games before continue your work. Just now found that flash games sites. Lots of interesting flash games to be explored. I love to play Heatwave Racing. It feels like real, hehe..  Well, do not think negative when you’re playing flash games. Actually, this so-called childish thing can be a very big help for you to relax after getting some stressful work. There are also lot of new games for you to try. Hmm..will play another flash games after get my work done for today! What don’t you give it a try too! 🙂

Self-Help: Car Payment Calculator

Hello and a very good morning to all of you my dear reader. When I’m writing this post, I just came back from dropped off my mummy to go for 13th Sabah State Conference with my cute car, hehe.. Lots of people today, are keep on changing their car, I do not know why, but maybe they want to cope with latest car technology. Well, if you can afford it, just go for it. Yet, sometimes you will have trouble to calculate your real budget for your new car. If you want to buy a car, you need to calculate the time frame to pay all the car price together with its interest if you borrow bank’s loan. You can do this by yourself with  car payment calculator.  With help from this car payment calculator, the car’s tax, monthly installment, down payment, bank’s charges and so forth can be easily calculated. Why calculate manually when there is a software that can calculate it for you, right? 🙂

Simple but Nice: Ogio Bags

Greetings to all of you my dear readers, I hope that you just doing fine by now. I think I want to buy a new bag this month, something like this Ogio bags because I can put lots of my things in there.

Well, frankly to say, I seldom arrange my things properly in my bag. I just put all my things together in the bag. Sadly to say, but it is true then..hehe..

Why I like Ogio bags? Because of its simplicity of design. I dislike complicated design because it does not suit my simple personality. Maybe this week I will buy something like this design. That’s all for now, till we meet again in my other next post. 🙂

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