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Volkswagen Passat Overview

Well, Volkswagen has made new invention on their new Passat model. The new Volkswagen Passat redefines what you’d expect from a top-of-the-line sedan. This touch of German engineered excellence comes with a turbocharged TSI engine, 7-speed direct shift gearbox DSG, plush leather interior, outstanding fuel consumption, 17-inch alloy wheels and much more. So if you’re looking for something that sets you apart from the rest, look no further. Hmm.. I like this kind of design with blue metallic color on it. In Malaysia, the price range is start from RM184,888.00 (Peninsular Malaysia’s price, of course more for Borneo’s market).

p/s: I wonder where did the inventor of Volkswagen got the motivation to create this evergreen car. Maybe I will do some research on it and share it with you guys later. 🙂

In Time of Pressure: 26th Sea Games 2011 Indonesia

Congratulations to Malaysia for winning over Thailand, 2-1 on their second game in Group A in football sport. I hope this will give more strength to others athletes. In time of tense and pressure, those who could handle them will be the champion. Luckily for me, I managed to watch the second 45 minutes match together with my dad. Guess what, we are really shout out loud after the second goal from Malaysia. This year, the 26th Sea Games 2011 was conducted in Indonesia, Jakarta-Palembang. Go for gold Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh!

Trudy and Teddy, a place to show your love to your kids

This entry is just for sharing something sweet and important especially for those who so-called mom, mum, mother, mama, and whatever you call it in your own language. Maybe you can buy some brand new clothes for your beloved baby or give to other kids as Christmas gifts. Thanks for Nuffnang for accepting this kind of advertising.

p/s: This blog got its Pagerank 2 today. Seems a little surprise since I didn’t pay much attention to this blog’s performances recently.

Get Combination Padlocks to Secure your Home

Well, I know that I seldom updated this blog but I hope that you still can read informative entries of mine here. Today I will share something about combination padlocks. Did you ever have experience with burglar broke into your house? I live in terraced house and heard lots of thieves cases. And to be frank, my family’s car have been lost twice up until now, but thanked God, the car was still found in the end. By using the combination padlocks, you don’t have to worry about its security anymore.Be it a gate, shed or even your garage, you can use this padlocks. Get those for your own secure.

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