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Trudy and Teddy, a place to show your love to your kids

This entry is just for sharing something sweet and important especially for those who so-called mom, mum, mother, mama, and whatever you call it in your own language. Maybe you can buy some brand new clothes for your beloved baby or give to other kids as Christmas gifts. Thanks for Nuffnang for accepting this kind of advertising.

p/s: This blog got its Pagerank 2 today. Seems a little surprise since I didn’t pay much attention to this blog’s performances recently.

Earn Points by Playing Games

Happy fasting to all Muslims people. Hopefully your fasting month run smoothly. As for me, I love fasting month because I can go to baazar Ramadhan and my favorite foods. Well, if you want to kill time or want to relax, you should play some flash games like I always did. It works for me and maybe it will work to you too. Just now I found a flash games, where you can play for free and earn points from it. Then what is the use of the points you got? With the points you’ve earned, you could redeem for gifts and prizes. Now, what are you waiting for, go to the website and play flash games you love. Yet, be sure to use your time wisely, okay! 🙂


Hello again and happy Friday to all of you out there. Well, productivity decreased today as another weekend is coming to town. Fasting month will be decided this Sunday. Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends. Anyway, do you know what is Igrice, or have you ever heard about it? Well, Igrice is another type of games which is almost similar to other games. The good news is that you also can play these games for free of charge.  I already tried it and it looks fun. Remember, just play with it for little period of time or you will be addicted to it (based from my experience). Especially for kids, so parents need to take care of this. 🙂

Time to meet First-Class Dallas Clown

Hello again my dear loyal readers, I hope that you are not getting bored reading this blog of mine. Do you like clown? Yes, I love clown since I was small kid. Last night I watched a documentary about clown family which is still new to Malaysian people.

Actually in countries such as USA and other European countries, clown has been recognized as an International entertainer. Well, I will be more that grateful to introduce you the most talented Dallas Clown I found on the Net just now, David Slick! This first-class entertainer already hold 2 Guiness records in juggling, I repeat Guiness records okay! 🙂

His expertise? You will be surprise of what he can do. He is Guiness records  juggler, clown plus magician, escape artist, balloon twister, fire Eater, fire Breather, and the list goes on. What a talent he got. Well, if you want to see his performance, you might found lots if in Youtube.

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