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Collection of Classic Proverbs and Sayings

Hello dear Will Power Within readers, it’s been 2 weeks since I updated this blog. I want to wish all of Malaysian people Happy 54th Independence Day and Happy Eid Mubarak for Muslim people around the world. I’m proud to be Malaysian and I hope it is the same with you there. I hope that when it comes to Independence Celebration, you really do understand the meaning of independence. Action speaks louder than words. That was one proverb which I’ve learnt from Collection of Classic Proverbs and Sayings. You should not lose this chance to learn some new meaningful and beautiful proverbs and sayings from this site. You will also learn some proverbs and saying which come from various countries. Oh, I love words of wisdom very much!

Time to meet First-Class Dallas Clown

Hello again my dear loyal readers, I hope that you are not getting bored reading this blog of mine. Do you like clown? Yes, I love clown since I was small kid. Last night I watched a documentary about clown family which is still new to Malaysian people.

Actually in countries such as USA and other European countries, clown has been recognized as an International entertainer. Well, I will be more that grateful to introduce you the most talented Dallas Clown I found on the Net just now, David Slick! This first-class entertainer already hold 2 Guiness records in juggling, I repeat Guiness records okay! 🙂

His expertise? You will be surprise of what he can do. He is Guiness records  juggler, clown plus magician, escape artist, balloon twister, fire Eater, fire Breather, and the list goes on. What a talent he got. Well, if you want to see his performance, you might found lots if in Youtube.

Poly Bags

Hello to all of you my dear readers of my blog, Will Power Within. I hope that all of you just doing fine out there. Well, today I went to see my youngest sister’s sport day together with my first younger sister. Even though she did not place top three in the list, I’m so proud of her because she managed to finish the end line. That the spirit I want to see inside her. Well done girl!

Well as usual, food and beverages which provided by the school used polystyrene. Okay, I know that when I talk about  poly bags, you will have negative things in mind. Be positive my friends, there are poly bags which you can use safely. As a consumer, you must know that there are poly bags that already approved by FDA for food packaging. It cannot be denied poly bags have lots of functions such as anti-static bags, paper shopping or grocery bags, resealable bags, vacuum bags and many more, you named it.

p/s: I think that we cannot be separated with poly bags. I myself love to keep poly bags as part of my collections. Good news is that you can buy poly bags via online now. Cool, right? 🙂

Coupons Exchange Philippines

Coupons Exchange Philippines is a public website that caters to group buying buffs out there who are up to exchanging, selling and searching for purchased vouchers.

Ever purchased a voucher but cannot redeem for certain reasons? Thinking of exchanging your purchased vouchers with another? Or maybe you’re looking for expired deals at Ensogo, Metrodeal, CashCashPinoy, CleverBuy, Groupon, etc and wanted to buy or exchange one with another group buying buff out there? Post them all up at Coupons Exchange Philippines for free and receive notifications from interested sellers/buyers!

Everyone Sure Loves 3D

I’m sure that lots of people love 3D animations, even my parents love to watch 3D. When talking about 3D, I love Toy Story the most! Why? Because it has lots of moral story. It doesn’t mean that other 3D stories don’t have this value, don’t get me wrong okay.  🙂

There are lots of 3D product reviews available in the website, blogs and famous social networking sites. The most recent 3D product review I guess is the Wimbledon Tennis finals which is to be showed live in  HD as well as in 3D around the world. Does it mean it will be conducted in Malaysia too? Hopefully it will be..hehe..

If you want to find best 3D television, don’t forget to check out 3D Televisions review. You can get lots of information from the sites such as latest 3D television and monitors which available in the market. You also can get other 3D products such as 3D gaming laptops or 3D video game. Maybe if you’re lucky you will get the best deal for your money. 🙂

How to Increase Traffic To Blog

When comes to the importance of getting traffic in your blog, I must say that it’s really important to do some search engine optimization (SEO) first. But unfortunately, my knowledge of SEO is not that good and I’m still in the process of learning it.

Do you know about RSS Maximize rebook can increase traffic to your blog and this means more profits for you? It’s okay, I just knew it too. 🙂  Using this RSS Maximize rebook will improve Alexa Rank, blog traffic and Page Rank in the long run. This is because your blog is keep on improving day by day, month by month and the list goes on. (more…)

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