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Make Money Online by Blogging? Yeah, really cliche..

Hello and have a nice day to all of you there. How was your life there? Hopefully that you are doing great as usual. I’m back with a little update with my activities. I just finished sent correction for my paperwork which will be held in Kuching Sarawak. Not really a major correction, thanked God.

As I mentioned in my latest post in WillPowerWithin wall. I already published my review regarding the Make Money Online by Blogging written by my online friend who is also a blogger just like me, but his level is higher than me, of course. If you understand Malay, just head on to my Malay blog to read the review. I’ve learnt a lot from Alan’s book. Writing in a blog is all about passion and determination. That’s why when you haven’t make any money from it, you still feel it’s okay. Nobody wants us to write and nobody wants us to quit writing. I guess all you need is that you just write in your own way, exclusing the things that we should avoid when it comes to races and religions topics.

There are so many books out out there talking about how to make money online by blogging. But still, Alan wrote this niche. Why? Doesn’t he feel the sale of the book will not hit the bestselling title? I don’t think Alan feel that way. To be honest, I really like the exclusive interview with other famous and well-known blogger as well as entrepreneurs. IT was like giving a “life” to the books. I hope that Alan will keep on writing valuable and practical books with more accurate and latest content.

That’s all from me this time. I think it’s better late than never to say, Happy Fasting to all of my Muslim friends. Take care.

Private Label Rights

Hello again my dear readers, this is my second post for today. Looks like I have plenty of time to write huh? Well, not really. Usually it just took me couples of minutes to share something with you guys here. Hopefully you will gain something new information after reading this post of mine. 🙂

Okay, the picture I attached here, “PLR” is stand for private label rights and this terms always been popular among Internet Marketers. Private label rights is a term that has been used widely in Internet Marketing and actually taken from private labeling. It is like a license where authors sell most or all of their intellectual property rights to their work. We are allowed to modify the products (for example ebook) and put our name as the author and then sell it to the public. In a nutshell, the license is defined by the author of the work so it has no legal definition.

From my readings, there are lots of Internet Marketers out there who gained more money just by selling PLR products. The PLR products can be ebooks, audios, videos or even softwares. Maybe if you are interested of making money by selling PLR products, you can surfing Internet Marketing websites to learn more about private label rights and how you can make money from it.

Let’s Learn Google Adsense

Hello my dear readers, we meet again in this blog of mine. Hopefully you’re just doing fine there, wherever you are and whatever you do. And also, do not forget to pray for Japan people on account of the earthquake and tsunami disaster which happened to them a week ago.

Today I’m going to share with you a little bit about Google Adsense Basics. In short, Adsense is one of a program advertisment which is conducted by Google. In this blog, you also will see I placed some of Adsense advertisements. When people click on the Google Ads, I, as a website owner will get earning. Why? Because I allow Google to use my site on order to promote their ads or their advertisers’ ads. Yes, that’s  the rule of the game. This is what we call win-win situation.

There’s actually some terms which you will need to know when you want to involved yourself in Google Adsense such as page impression, CTR and eCPM but you could read it in the link I gave you early in this post. Through my readings, there are lots of people who’ve earned such massive amount of online  money from Google Adsense. Hopefully I also could make my first Google Adsense check this year..hopefully..  🙂

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