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Want Help to Check Your Grammar?

When I’ve made mistake in English writings, I never felt so down because English is not my first language. However, I keep on improving myself to become better and better everyday. Sometimes, when I’m doing my paperwork, I will use grammar checker to detect my grammar mistakes. Well, indeed it helps me a lot. Same goes to you, when you want to write essays or even academic writing, you can get help from the Internet. There are lot of software that could check your grammar mistakes.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

At first when I want to create this blog, I promised to myself that this blog of mine will help other people in order to get motivation and also give information about things people want to know, well something that will benefit you and me of course. When I thought of this blog’s name, Will Power Within are words which are so meaningful to me, it gives me courage to go through day by day. At first, the tagline is “unlock the champion within”, but since I always write different topics, I’ve decided to change the tagline to. “Everything Around You Has Its Own Motivation”. In everything you do, there must be something that motivates you. You maybe want to read something like Inspirational & Motivational Quotes in each of my entry, but I will not do that. The time when you read each entry in this post, the motivation is already there. Something motivates you to read until the last word of the entry. And that means a lot to me who keep on writing in this blog. I hope all of you enjoying this blog as much as I do. Sorry, no picture attached for today. Being very busy lately.

Self-Help of Giving Your Dog A Name

In my family, we once had one beloved dog. We named it Beckham. Okay okay, I know you loved Beckham the football player so much. 🙂 But, this post is about my dog name Beckham okay..hehe.. Beckham, he was a strong, brave and protective. Well, as old ancient says, dog is a man best friend, right.

Well at first, when we want to give a name to him, we did some research on the net and accidentally we found a web, Celebrity Dog Names. Here, we could find lots of dog names along with their meanings. Maybe for a “he ” dog, Orlando Bloom will be Sidi, or maybe you loved Oprah Winfrey, you can name your dog Solomon or Sophie. Cool right? 🙂   (more…)

Contact lenses, you save my day!

This picture I attached from my Malay language blog, last saturday I went to my best friend’s wedding. Congratulations for you my dear friends, you looked lovely and gorgeous that time. May your wedding last forever. I’m really happy for you my dear friend.

One thing that save our day on that day is contact lenses! Yes, actually the bride and me have a same problem, sight problem. The existence of contact lenses help us to look the best we can on that big day. For those who want to look pretty without spectacles, you may opt for Kontaklinsen and experience more freedom without having to clean up the mess on your spectacles. Try it and you will find a new feel on your eye. But remember to ensure that your fingers are really clean before touch the lenses. 🙂

Ladies watches, I like!

Ladies WatchesWhen people ask me what style of watches I want, I definitely say ladies watches, because these kind of watches that will make me feel more lady-like and feminie. Right now, my watch’s brand, Elle, make my wrist really comfortable. This watch of mine is tagged along by tiny bracelet-alike and a small cute love shape written “ELLE” in the middle of it. I really love this design and of course, its color too. BLUE, really love my Elle watch! You know, buying watches is not just about time, it’s about how comfortable you are with the watch you wear on your wrist, and this is a part of things that will make you confidence of wearing it! As for me, wearing my favorite watch can make me confident enough to face TIME.  🙂

My new Bonuslink Card is ready to be used!

How are you my readers, it’s been a week I haven’t post anything here in my blog. I wonder if I still got some silent readers in this blog, hehe. But never mind though, I just hope that this blog will at least give you something helpful when you are in need of certain information.

Well, today I just want to announce (it sounds so official, isn’t it? Well, my bad for selecting more formal word) that I just received my new Bonuslink card. Remember the post “Bonuslink Replacement Card“?  Well, actually this is the second time I replace my Bonuslink card since the magnetic bar on my former card cannot be read anymore. It makes I keep on collecting Bonuslink claim from Shell fuel station whenever my little “Kancil” was run out of fuel.

Well, with this new Bonuslink card, problem solved for Bonuslink points. Maybe it sounds funny, but I hope I can get this for free someday:

Don’t waste your Bonuslink point..

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