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Make Money Online by Blogging? Yeah, really cliche..

Hello and have a nice day to all of you there. How was your life there? Hopefully that you are doing great as usual. I’m back with a little update with my activities. I just finished sent correction for my paperwork which will be held in Kuching Sarawak. Not really a major correction, thanked God.

As I mentioned in my latest post in WillPowerWithin wall. I already published my review regarding the Make Money Online by Blogging written by my online friend who is also a blogger just like me, but his level is higher than me, of course. If you understand Malay, just head on to my Malay blog to read the review. I’ve learnt a lot from Alan’s book. Writing in a blog is all about passion and determination. That’s why when you haven’t make any money from it, you still feel it’s okay. Nobody wants us to write and nobody wants us to quit writing. I guess all you need is that you just write in your own way, exclusing the things that we should avoid when it comes to races and religions topics.

There are so many books out out there talking about how to make money online by blogging. But still, Alan wrote this niche. Why? Doesn’t he feel the sale of the book will not hit the bestselling title? I don’t think Alan feel that way. To be honest, I really like the exclusive interview with other famous and well-known blogger as well as entrepreneurs. IT was like giving a “life” to the books. I hope that Alan will keep on writing valuable and practical books with more accurate and latest content.

That’s all from me this time. I think it’s better late than never to say, Happy Fasting to all of my Muslim friends. Take care.

Google Re-list CO.CC Domain Name?

This screenshot was taken from on 29th Dec 2011

Yes, I think it’s a good news for those who still using domain. Actually, we ourselves doesn’t know what Google is trying to do now. As some website owners stated that it was for good reason to list those domain. I actually have some domain names for personal purposes, but I’m not so active there as I’m very busy with my other paid and important domains.

According to Barry Schwartz from, Google originally delisted the subdomains because Google saw a “very large fraction of sites” on that subdomain to be “spammy or low-quality” and felt it was warranted, in this case, to simply block the whole subdomain from showing up in Google’s results. But Google must remember that there are thousands of spammy contents using Blogspot platform are developed everyday.

As a blogger, this news at least we should know so that we know what is actually going on in the domain name arena. As for myself, I’m not really into this because this blog will not be affected since it used .com domain. I think those who owned the domain will have such relief since they can boost their blog’s performances in search engine especially Google once again.

Boost Your Fanpage Likes, Increase Sales!

Well, time sure is fleeting away so fast right. It’s been a while since I ‘ve updated this blog last week. How about the site that I’ve showed you recently? I hope that you get some benefit from it. I have one more site which you can use to boost your Facebook LIKES. It’s a really popular trend nowadays to promote your blog and get good ranking in the search engine. Head on to and find out how you can improve the SEO of your sites or even boost your sales for your products and services. Lots of marketers know that social networks rock! As for me, it’s not a big deal if there are only few Likes for WillPowerWithin Fanpage. However, for my other Fanpage, I would rather spend some money to boost my fans. Anyway,  I really appreciate the LIKES for this Fanpage. 🙂

SEO Portal For All!

Hello again my dear readers, we meet again in this latest blogpost of mine. Since my blog is working well now, I was thinking of writing frequently in this blog, even though I still have many blogs to maintain. Recently, I’ve been working on a site which more on search engine optimization niche. SEO blog required lots of efforts and sometime, you might just want to hire some experts and professional workers to get the SEO job done. I just found when doing some research about SEO. Yes, it’s in Dutch language but thanks to Google Chrome for providing translation function. You can directly translate the page to Englihs and read the information there. The site is developed to become a SEO Portal where you can find some usefull SEO tips and guidelines. I already bookmarked the site for my future reference on how to do a good SEO. I think you should do the same too. As for this blog, as it is my personal blog I seldom do SEO things. I’m just satisfied writing the things I want. However, for my specific niche blogs, I really concern about their performances in search engines. It’s okay, I will try to improve slowly but steadily. 🙂

Choose suitable hosting for your site

It’s me again sharing something with you here. Well, to be frank with you, I used local hosting provider to host my sites, including this blog which I think have a good customer service. However, I have problem with Disk Storage Usage of my hosting, so I’m thinking of transferring my sites to other hosting providers. If you want to have a hosting for your site and if you are European, uk hosting is one of my recommendations to you. I just found the website just now when searching for unlimited disk usage space for my domain and add-on domains. You can choose whether want to subscribe for the web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated servers. I think the prices range are affordable and they also provide live chat customer support.

Desire for Personalized Web Design?

I want to share my experience with WordPress with you. At first, I found it was very difficult to develop WordPress site. Now, you don’t have to worry about technical issues such as upload the FTP, link to web hosting and so forth. You can hire any company that can do the website design for you such as Web design Shropshire. They promised you a quality designed website based on your demands. Be it a blog, a property site or E-commerce site for your business, they can do it for you. Upon your requirements too, they can do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the website. Looking at their portfolio,  I guess that the workers in the company are doing their job very professionally. I recommend this service for those who are still blur about how to start an online website. It’s better late than never right. 🙂

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