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Boost Your Fanpage Likes, Increase Sales!

Well, time sure is fleeting away so fast right. It’s been a while since I ‘ve updated this blog last week. How about the site that I’ve showed you recently? I hope that you get some benefit from it. I have one more site which you can use to boost your Facebook LIKES. It’s a really popular trend nowadays to promote your blog and get good ranking in the search engine. Head on to and find out how you can improve the SEO of your sites or even boost your sales for your products and services. Lots of marketers know that social networks rock! As for me, it’s not a big deal if there are only few Likes for WillPowerWithin Fanpage. However, for my other Fanpage, I would rather spend some money to boost my fans. Anyway,  I really appreciate the LIKES for this Fanpage. 🙂

Simple but Nice: Ogio Bags

Greetings to all of you my dear readers, I hope that you just doing fine by now. I think I want to buy a new bag this month, something like this Ogio bags because I can put lots of my things in there.

Well, frankly to say, I seldom arrange my things properly in my bag. I just put all my things together in the bag. Sadly to say, but it is true then..hehe..

Why I like Ogio bags? Because of its simplicity of design. I dislike complicated design because it does not suit my simple personality. Maybe this week I will buy something like this design. That’s all for now, till we meet again in my other next post. 🙂

Where to get beautiful photo blanket?

Hello and have a very wonderful Wednesday. Well, while other bloggers only got picture attached without written sentences to support Wordless Wednesday, I’m still writing here..hehe.. Still, I attached a memorable picture I got from Internet, thanks to Google images. Oh yes, I love photo blanket because it gives me different feeling from just using a normal blanket. If you want to give kids a blanket, make sure you give them photo blanket. I guarantee they will love it.

In Malaysia, photo blanket is not so popular used, therefore, it is hard to find it in ordinary shops. The best option is to buy it through the Internet. Nowadays, boundaries are not a big problem for us to buy products from another countries. The payment process also not giving us much problem since there are many payment option for us to buy physical as well as  digital things via online. The site that I’ve just show you I think is a great site that sell good quality photo blankets. You also can ask them to create your desired blanket, such as your favorite picture on the blanket.

Need Transformers-Like Toys For Your Kids?

Hello again my dear readers, I hope that you’re doing great as usual there. I know that some of my readers here come from different races and religions. But when it comes to kids especially boys, everyone of them already knew that Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon was released yesterday (for Malaysia release)  and maybe earlier in the USA and other European countries.

Before any further, you should buy toy such as rc excavator as a preparation. Why? The Transformer 3 fever may influence your male children of having yellow Bumble Bee sport car or strong Optimus Prime and may push you to buy one for them. The original Transformers collection maybe expensive for parents who cannot afford such high prices. However, rc excavator is another good option for you to win your kids’ heart. Besides, this toy can educate your kids too. I think it’s an excellent gift for your kids.

Best Boutiques Online Jackets

Greetings to my dear loyal readers and visitors, the weather here is not so good. I think it will be raining this late afternoon. You will need a jacket or  sweater to keep your body warm especially when you’re in air-conditioned workplace.

Talking about jackets, I just found best boutiques online jackets while searching for information regarding fashion that I should wear for attending engagement day of my best friend next month. For me, I love to wear a jacket that will match with all my clothes. All I have to do is to mix and match with the color of my jacket. Of course my ideal color for a jacket will be the one with dark color.

Did I mention that the site also enable you to shop other clothes such as dresses, jumpsuits, pants, denim, skirts and many more (couldn’t list here, there are so many choices)

p/s: The clothes are made by best selling designers and some of the clothes are even worn by international celebrities, yay… 🙂

Memorable photo bags

Hello and happy Tuesday to all of my dear readers here. Today I brought my youngest sister to  clinic. She’s having fever. Hopefully she will get well soon.

Well, today I want to share with you interesting site that I’ve just found just now. Yes, it’s about photo bags. For some people, photo bags are important to them because just by looking at the bag, they could recall the special day or moment easily.

Photo bags also have sentimental values for each of us. That is why the site accept custom made personalized by their customers. You can choose your own photos, text or graphics and they will take care of the rest.

Right now the site is having a big sale and you could save more dollars when you order your customize photo bags now. You also can shop according to style, size or occasion, cool right? There are various choices you can have such as photo handbags, photo collage handbags, photo purses and the list goes on.

p/s: I found this photo bag while searching in Google images just now, nice one right? 🙂

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