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Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

At first when I want to create this blog, I promised to myself that this blog of mine will help other people in order to get motivation and also give information about things people want to know, well something that will benefit you and me of course. When I thought of this blog’s name, Will Power Within are words which are so meaningful to me, it gives me courage to go through day by day. At first, the tagline is “unlock the champion within”, but since I always write different topics, I’ve decided to change the tagline to. “Everything Around You Has Its Own Motivation”. In everything you do, there must be something that motivates you. You maybe want to read something like Inspirational & Motivational Quotes in each of my entry, but I will not do that. The time when you read each entry in this post, the motivation is already there. Something motivates you to read until the last word of the entry. And that means a lot to me who keep on writing in this blog. I hope all of you enjoying this blog as much as I do. Sorry, no picture attached for today. Being very busy lately.

Experience is a wonderful gift to ourselves…

“There is a voice we should more often listen to—a voice we know in our hearts offers sage advice that can help us through dark times. It is the voice of experience.” ~ Tim Carpenter (more…)

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