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Want to Create Funny Facebook Status?

Hello and happy Friday to all of you my dear readers. Weekend is coming tomorrow. I hope that all of you there take good rest during this weekend. Well, I know that lots of us have Facebook account, and I also knew some of my friends are really addicted to it. They already become an avid Facebook users. Every hour they will keep on updating their status on their wall. Some of them will publish Funny Facebook Status, to get attention or to make those who read their status smile, laugh or whatever you call it. To be frank, I do not know how to create funny status on Facebook. But, perhaps I can do smiley symbol like this, 🙂

p/s: Happy weekend and happy fasting to all Muslims in the world. 🙂

Earn Points by Playing Games

Happy fasting to all Muslims people. Hopefully your fasting month run smoothly. As for me, I love fasting month because I can go to baazar Ramadhan and my favorite foods. Well, if you want to kill time or want to relax, you should play some flash games like I always did. It works for me and maybe it will work to you too. Just now I found a flash games, where you can play for free and earn points from it. Then what is the use of the points you got? With the points you’ve earned, you could redeem for gifts and prizes. Now, what are you waiting for, go to the website and play flash games you love. Yet, be sure to use your time wisely, okay! 🙂


Hello again and happy Friday to all of you out there. Well, productivity decreased today as another weekend is coming to town. Fasting month will be decided this Sunday. Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends. Anyway, do you know what is Igrice, or have you ever heard about it? Well, Igrice is another type of games which is almost similar to other games. The good news is that you also can play these games for free of charge.  I already tried it and it looks fun. Remember, just play with it for little period of time or you will be addicted to it (based from my experience). Especially for kids, so parents need to take care of this. 🙂

Relax your mind with Sonic Games

Try to write second post for today., hehe… Few months ago I wrote that I was addicted to miniclip games. Now I am going to share with you Sonic Games, a place where you can play their games for absolutely free of charge!

Well, playing sonic games maybe one of a way to kill the time. Maybe, you’re pressure with your workload, you can take some rest and play sonic games. I love to play Sonic puzzle as it keep my brain working and at the same time, I get some rest from my stress research work.

You should try this sonic games for yourself, I really recommend this if you’re in stress mode. Try to relax and I’m sure you will get your motivation back on track when you done playing this irresistible sonic games.

p/s: I think this sonic games is really attract more kids as well as teenagers to play because of the Sonic’s character itself.

Enjoy Polish Baltic Holidays

Are you planning to pay some visits to Poland this holiday season? Then you will need guidance from polnische Ostsee. It is travel portal that provides excellent service for the holidays at the Polish Baltic Sea. This travel portal will recommend you the best rate hotel if you’re planning on long vacation in Poland. Don’t forget to visit Pomerania, one of the most well-known holiday regions in Poland. With this travel portal, you can find any perfect holiday home with a few clicks. (more…)

Addicted to miniclip games

Hello my dear readers, hopefully that you’re just doing fine wherever you are. Recently, I’m being addicted to Miniclip games. Miniclip games are mostly authored using Flash or Shockwave. They become popular, and maintain popularity through viral marketing of games produced for them. I loved puzzle games since it can improve my speed of thinking. Do you know Friv: Rainy Ride? I do love it so much. Besides, it release my stress during rest time and it’s one of my favorite way to relax myself. After playing it for 10 to 15 minutes, believe me you will feel better to focus your work. That’s how you can get your motivation back. 🙂

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