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Earn Points by Playing Games

Happy fasting to all Muslims people. Hopefully your fasting month run smoothly. As for me, I love fasting month because I can go to baazar Ramadhan and my favorite foods. Well, if you want to kill time or want to relax, you should play some flash games like I always did. It works for me and maybe it will work to you too. Just now I found a flash games, where you can play for free and earn points from it. Then what is the use of the points you got? With the points you’ve earned, you could redeem for gifts and prizes. Now, what are you waiting for, go to the website and play flash games you love. Yet, be sure to use your time wisely, okay! 🙂

Self-Help: Car Payment Calculator

Hello and a very good morning to all of you my dear reader. When I’m writing this post, I just came back from dropped off my mummy to go for 13th Sabah State Conference with my cute car, hehe.. Lots of people today, are keep on changing their car, I do not know why, but maybe they want to cope with latest car technology. Well, if you can afford it, just go for it. Yet, sometimes you will have trouble to calculate your real budget for your new car. If you want to buy a car, you need to calculate the time frame to pay all the car price together with its interest if you borrow bank’s loan. You can do this by yourself with  car payment calculator.  With help from this car payment calculator, the car’s tax, monthly installment, down payment, bank’s charges and so forth can be easily calculated. Why calculate manually when there is a software that can calculate it for you, right? 🙂

How do you send photos to mobile?

It is 12 o’clock sharp and today is the last day in the month of June 2011. Time sure is flying away so fast now, or it’s just my imagination? Maybe not. Well, this time I think I want to write just one paragraph to this entry of mine. I just want to share with you the other way to send photos to mobile. You may go to the link I provided to you to know more. As for me, I always use bluetooth technology to transfer picture from my laptop to my Nokia X2, and vice versa. Sometimes, I will use USB cable to transfer large size or lot amount  of pictures. If you don’t want to switch on your laptop or PC every time you want to share your photos in you phone, S3M is the best solution for you. It’s time to change your trend of sharing pictures!

Data Mining Powerpoint

Well, today I will write in more formal way because I need to tell you something related to data mining. According to educational terminology, data mining is the process of analyzing data from various perspectives before summarizing the data into so-called information. After that, the information can be applied to boost up firms’ or companies’ sales revenue, cuts costs, or both.

Data mining can be so important for big companies or banks as it will help them to predict future market trends. There are various approaches can be used to create data mining and one of them is Data Mining Powerpoint.

By using data mining powerpoint tools, a company can save lot of time in order to distinguish unnecessary  or redundancy of data. Data management will be efficient and the graphs as well as results created using data mining Powerpoint tools and software will make predicts for future market trends more easier to be done.

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