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Explore Africa with Zambia Safaris Holidays

Hello my dear readers, already few days since I updated this blog of mine. Kind of very busy lately but I guess I should not keep my readers waiting any longer. So here I come and today I’m going to talk about Africa.

Talking about Africa, what do you have in mind? Yes, it’s Safari right? Tigers, lions, elephants and lots of other animals in Safari World. I do love watch wild animals but not in real life, National Geographic is just fine with me. But if you have a dream to come and explore Africa, don’t forget to create your journey with Zambia safaris, which is known to be specialists in luxury African travel.

With Zambia safaris, you will be able to know what accommodations they provide, whether you travel to Africa as a family trip or honeymoon trip, the staffs will provide the best option for you. you don’t have to worry about their customer services as lots of their staffs are well-experienced in handle customer wants and needs. Sounds great right. Well, I hope this information helps. Till then,

Spring Season: Why you should opt for Mauritius Holidays?

Got any plan this Spring season? Hmm…I hope I could go somewhere such as Mauritius. Mauritius is known to be among the most beautiful places in the world. This is the first reason that you should opt for Mauritius Holidays. Besides, there a many travel agencies who gladly will help you to plan your Mauritius Holidays. (more…)

Trains to London from York

Hello and happy weekend to all of my dear readers. I hope that this weekend is awesome for you and your family as well. Let me tell you something, when I have lots of money someday, I wish I could travel to UK. You know, London, York, Manchester, Paris, Eiffel Tower. All of this, I want to experience it my self.

And oh yes, one of a moment I wish to have, experience the Trains to London from York. I read in the blogs the trains there are different from the one in Malaysia. When I saw the train picture, it look more aerodynamic and I think it will move faster than the KTM.

But it’s okay, different country different transportations’ design right. And that is why I wish to travel around the world someday. Is there anybody want to sponsor me to travel the European countries? hehe..

Experience the Luxurious Honeymoon with Turquoise Holiday

Marriage is a great thing when you do it in a right way. One of the precious moment after marriage that we cannot forget is honeymoon. Don’t ask me how it feels because I’m not married yet..hehe..

If you and your spouse are planning to have a luxury honeymoons, unforgettable moments in the UK, you might consider of  contacting The Turquoise Holiday Company. They provides honeymoon shop where you will get help on how to plan the most important holiday in your life.

They will be looking the most romantic destinations, luxurious hotels and places which suit to your budget. Therefore, you need not worry for nothing, because you’ll just follow the flow of your honeymoons plan. Sounds great right! If I could, I wish I could have this luxurious honeymoon too… 🙂

Enjoy Polish Baltic Holidays

Are you planning to pay some visits to Poland this holiday season? Then you will need guidance from polnische Ostsee. It is travel portal that provides excellent service for the holidays at the Polish Baltic Sea. This travel portal will recommend you the best rate hotel if you’re planning on long vacation in Poland. Don’t forget to visit Pomerania, one of the most well-known holiday regions in Poland. With this travel portal, you can find any perfect holiday home with a few clicks. (more…)

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