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Stop Child Abuse

Still remember my entry entitled “Get On Board: Unicef and First Lady Summit 2010“? Yes, I dedicate that entry to all human-beings in this world. If you still have love in the deepest heart of yours, you may want to shout together with me this words, STOP CHILD ABUSE!


Get On Board: Unicef and First Lady Summit 2010

I’m sure that you will notice this ads in this blog of mine. As a blogger, this is only I can do to help create awareness among people on how important for each of us to support abuse-free towards children. In Malaysia, “throwing away” (well, this might sounds harsh) just-born baby is just like a contagious disease. What a very sad situation as we’re in the way to become more civilize nations 10 years from now in order to challenge the Wawasan 2020 founded by Tun Mahathir. Thank you for Unicef for this campaign. I hope that all of you out there will aware that child-abuse phenomenon is something that should not be appeared in our modern era. (more…)

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