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Minus means More. This is what I like about Digi. Have you visit Deep Green portal of Digi? The website is very user-friendly. Every day we use a large amount of energy and also paper to write something, even the paper is as small as a memo paper, it’s still come from trees right? So I was thinking that how we human being can manipulate the technologies around us to make this planet of ours a better place to live in. (more…)

Youngsters, Beware of Digi Easy Prepaid..

Yellow Color, what are you thinking when see this color? Yes, sunshine, gold and of course, DIGI! Digi Easy Prepaid is now live in town! This SIM Pack has a new improved features so that you can stay connected with your close friends and stay in touch with them more frequently.  Just by looking the picture, I wold guarantee that youths will absolutely love this new SIM Pack plan.

I just copy its features from my NuffnangEvangelist in order to spread this great news, so check it out for yourself. : (more…)

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