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What’s wrong with The “Box”? What’s up with The “Virtual Box”?

When I was a small little girl, (I mean, a very small girl physically and mentally), I always get this interesting and amazing “box” to me. My mum and dad at that moment of time will keep on muttering with my weird actions. Ah, I think my acts at that time were real cute though, don’t you think so? (winked) Well, what’s wrong with the box then? As far as I concerned, people will get attracted to noises and have the intention to know more, to hear more towards the sounds or noises they heard. That’s the thing which happened to me that time. The “box” is producing sounds and it amazed a little child just like I did! Then, I said to my mum, “Is anybody in that box? He doesn’t feel tired of keep on talking over and over again?” And, I did not remember my mum’s answer…

As time goes by, a person is getting more and more knowledgeable. So am I. The “box” I mentioned just now is so-called a radio, which is made by the transmission of signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light. Thank you to its founder that we can now enjoy listening to various types of music through the radio. Jazz, Evergreen, Classic, and even popular Indies songs nowadays, you named it! Yet, curiosity kills the cat and this makes people begging for more and even more inventions in media communication technologies. How about a radio that will reach all over the world? That is the story of how online or internet radio is invented. Yes, the “box” is already become a “virtual box”.
Now back to reality, back to Malaysia. Fitrah Media Enterprise which is also known as “FMe” proudly presents their one and only online radio product in order to become a pioneer of finding and training talents in the field of broadcasting and media communication, FuhyooFM.com. FMe is also responsible for handling course as well as giving consultants to “KELAB MEDIA” and “RADIO SEKOLAH” co-curriculum programs. Actually and frankly speaking, I knew about the existing of FuhyooFM from one of the professional plus avid blogger’s blog, rohaizad.com (well, he was in the big action too though..fuhyoo..). I’ve been listening to FuhyooFM five to six times in this month.


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