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Removal of Adsense Ads

Hello dear my loyal readers, I’ve made a decision to remove Google Adsense ads in my blog because I’ve been warned by Google that this blog of mine have a high potential to create fraud clicks. Yes, this activity violates the rule.  For your information, I NEVER encourage people to click on my Adsesnse ads and I never did fraud click to others’ Adsense ads too. (more…)

Let’s Learn Google Adsense

Hello my dear readers, we meet again in this blog of mine. Hopefully you’re just doing fine there, wherever you are and whatever you do. And also, do not forget to pray for Japan people on account of the earthquake and tsunami disaster which happened to them a week ago.

Today I’m going to share with you a little bit about Google Adsense Basics. In short, Adsense is one of a program advertisment which is conducted by Google. In this blog, you also will see I placed some of Adsense advertisements. When people click on the Google Ads, I, as a website owner will get earning. Why? Because I allow Google to use my site on order to promote their ads or their advertisers’ ads. Yes, that’s  the rule of the game. This is what we call win-win situation.

There’s actually some terms which you will need to know when you want to involved yourself in Google Adsense such as page impression, CTR and eCPM but you could read it in the link I gave you early in this post. Through my readings, there are lots of people who’ve earned such massive amount of online  money from Google Adsense. Hopefully I also could make my first Google Adsense check this year..hopefully..  🙂

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