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You Will Never Walk Alone

Hello once again to my dear readers. Okay, I know, I know…the title of my post today may seems familiar to you. But unfortunately to say that, I’m not a liverpool FC fan. I’m not so into football leagues or whatever they call it.

Today, when I had my 10 minutes break in my lab research, I read my personal diary. Well this diary of mine I had it for years already (I don’t remember since when..) And when I read through to all of my friends’ goodbye and goodluck messages, one poem grabbed my attention…

Do something that need to be done today, because tomorrow, there will be more new things to do. Today will never come again.Tomorrow, follow your mind…

When I looked upon these words, I felt at comfort, thinking that I was never alone all this while. Even that that friend of mine was now far away from my reach, I knew that she will always pray for my success and happiness. Yes, I must do something that need to be done today, because tomorrow I will get more tasks to be accomplished. Thanks to my dedicated friends, today will never come again, because tomorrow is another story…I felt revived and rejuvenated after read your words for me…i love you my friend..For you guys out there…treasure your friends…

p/s: this post dedicated to someone named Nellie.. hope that you’re just doing fine there…miss you..

Sweet Seventeen

This is my first post for this week, just for your information, today is my younger sister’s birthday, and yes.. It’s her Seventeen years old.
I hope that her birthday today will be great as she is…You know, for the first time in my mom’s life, she totally forgot that today was her third daughter’s birthday. Well, as for me, there is nothing to be worried about coz since two weeks ago mom had been working like there is no time left for tomorrow. Yesterday morning, mom juz finished her night shift and then rushed to Kolombong to give hand to her older sister on selling durian and other fruits. Two weeks ago was the start of fruits season and this mean MONEY to all the fruit sellers.
I assumed that you know that, to wait for the first harvest of king of fruit (Durian), you have to wait for at least 6 or 7 years. Quite a long time of waiting you sow…When you have the mind set of a bussinessman, you need to have a mindset that goes beyond years. For example, my grandma, she knew it before she decided to plant that durian seeds that, when the right time come, she would be able to harvest what she sowed. And now, in her old age, she just need to live a healthy life at home and wait for the next harvest. Nowadays, fruit season may come twice or three times a year. That’s mean MONEY, and that’s why ancient writer said, “Time is Money”
Back to my younger sister’s sweet seventeen birthday, I think I lost 17 year of planting durian seeds…hihi..
p/s: Moral of the story, value your time…today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a present!!
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