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Unleash your creative thinking..

Hello again dear readers, Warnnie here and I have a story to tell the world…Today is the last day of National Examination Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia for my lovely sister…Hope that you will have a flying-color results. I do pray for your never-end success my dear…:) Okies..back to action..

People seem to have a misunderstanding that only a small portion of it can liberate the creative genius without end. This is not true. In fact, creativity is a need for training as a significant achievement given muscle. If you do not control the practices of creative thinking, skills would be very atrophy* to not be there. However, to continue on working this creativity, this technology will be in flash for you.
So, how you maximize your ability to think creatively? Yes, the first thing is to reach people. What I am trying to say is that you can find knowledge and learning as much as you can. Read everything available, for better or worse, make your mind open to never-ending possibilities of the universe. The more you know, the more you will want to know…trust me…Most surprising is the fact that this elements will add some more colors in your life…
Focus on creative activities daily. Yes, this is cucial. Do not let anything hinder you. Maybe mindlessness is one of the creative activities, but those whore just starting out to unleash a little bit of creative thinking in their lives, it is helpful and encouraging to have concrete evidence such as “Yes, I am making some progress.” So why do not you try it out. 

Try something new every day and let it expand your experience perspective. Search new environment near you. Spend afternoon in a museum you have ever been. Chat up someone in the bus. Open to those around you. When you enter away from your comfort zone more and more each day, you feel adventure growing and so is your life. Think about it. When was th last time you did something for the first time? If you have some time, I tell you, you lost a lot of experiences that could have added to the growth of your creativity, emotional, mental, physical or mental. Why don’t you try drawing or writing today? Not only will you learn, but you will have many stories to share, so training story-telling skills and make your life a great party.

I hope this article inspired you start “thinking outside of the scope.” If you follow these steps, you will experience life which is full of interesting adventures. Free your creative thinking and it will bring a new spirit of your life. Oppsss…look like I write too much here..till then…

* is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body
p/s: Jamie Novak, when will I meet you? huhu..

Unlocking Your Champion Within

Hello everyone, I’m here to share with you about a book that I bought entitled “Unlocking The Champion Within” written by Mark E. Bowser. He is known to be a proven leader with experience…even by not telling so, when I read his book, I know how great he is. My friend was right, it was far more convenient to write using one language for a blog. By doing this, I dont have to worry about what topic on English post i should make. Hehe…Well then, I’m not so good in making good sentences. But I do not have to felt ashamed since that English is not my primary language, (I’m proud to be Malaysian). I still remembered Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Tun Mahadhir Mohammad, “Good English is a Simple English”. That is why, I was never give to keep on improving my sentences and vocabularies…(and grammars as well…huhu)that’s why I still buying books up until now…books in English I mean..hehe…
Oppss…stop talking about myself. regarding this book, still not finish read it yet. But I guaranteed that the when you read the Introduction of the book, you’ll amazed on how you’re so into your focus on reading that book. Okay, I’ll cite several of the intro ….
“Imagine that you walk into your local library searching for answers.What answers you ask? The answers to success and happiness. You walk through the racks or books, wandering about aimlessly,until……..” (Unlocking Your Champion Within, Mark E Bowser, Introduction page. 7 )
And end of the citation…hehe…Even with this only three sentences could lead me to motivate myself of thinking deeply what are the reasons for everything that I’ve done in my life. What am I searching for. Yes, everyone is worth of being happy, everyone is worth of being a successful person…For me example, what are the reasons of buying books in English? Yes, I want to improve my English, at the same time, I want to find knowledge, and I don’t buy books that I dont even enjoy to read it. Most of the books I bought are from the same categories, inspirations, motivations, self-enrichment, self-enrichment. When I read those books, I felt I have the source of strength to boost up my motivation, I felt far more happy and more close to the word “success”. That’s why I will plan carefully on my budget so that I can afford to buy two books in a month.
Okay, that’s all for now. Hope that you’ve enjoying read this post as much as I’m enjoying to write this post. Till we meet again…on the next post..God bless…
p/s: will upload the pic of the book on the next post…
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