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3 Inspirational Quotes Just For You….

It might take a little coffee or probably or any other booze you could get your hands on when it comes to relaxing after a hard day’s work. As for me, I just got medicine from clinic near my campus due to overnight migraine..pheww..And bad thing is, doctor didn’t allow me for taking caffeine.
Just don’t ask how it happened, please.
But what’s really interesting is that how do people go through the usual part of life when faced with vein-popping stress? Is there room for the intellectual side of people who can actually smell the roses-in-a-can while on the move? It kind of had me thinking that there really must be something in this ‘mind-over-matter’ thing.
Humor is indeed the best medicine there is whenever you are. I mean anyone can pay good money to listen to a comedian just to make you laughing so hard. Despite of what’s been happening, and to those who has gone though the ordeal, it’s better to just laugh while facing the troubles with a clear mind than anger with a clouded vision.
1. “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” It sounds good to me, I mean the practicality of all things does involve money but it doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg to get it.
2. “I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it’s the government.”
3. “There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?” This happens to be one of the classic ones. I mean the issue about life’s little problems isn’t all that bad, until ‘he’ shows up. (he? 😉 )
Sure, relationships can get complicated, or does have its complications that probably any author about relationships is bound to discover it soon. We follow what our heart desires, unless you’re talking about the heart as in the heart that pump blood throughout your body.

Okies, that’s all for now, can’t find any other quotes for now… smile for yourself..

10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Part 2..

Hello dear readers, hope that you’re always in the pink of health…here’s the last 5 questions that you should ponder in your life….hope you learn something from it…and if you agree or disagree with me, just jot down something on the comments area…i love to hear some opinions from all of you, thanks…

6. Am I happy at where I am today?
It’s an unfair question so let it be an answer! You love being a good and loving son/daughter to your parents, then take it up a notch! Your parents will love you forever. The same goes with everyday life!

7. Am I appealing to the opposite sex?
So maybe I don’t have an answer to that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try it, though. Whether you shape-up, change the way you wear your clothes or hair, or even your attitude towards people, you should always remember it will always be for your own benefit.

8. How much could I have?
I suppose in this case there is no such things on having things too much or too little, but it’s more on how badly you really need it. I’d like to have lots of money, no denying that, but the question is that how much are you willing to work for it?

9. What motivates me?
What motivates you? It’s an answer you have to find out for yourself. There are so many things that can make everyone happy, but to choose one of the may be the hardest part. It’s not like you can’t have one serving of your favorite food in a buffet and that’s it. Just try it piece by piece.

10. What Really Makes You Tick?
So? What really makes you tick? You can be just about anything you always wanted to be, but to realize that attaining something that may seem very difficult is already giving up before you even start that journey. Always remember, that self-improvement is not just about the physical or philosophical change you have to undergo, but it’s something that you really want.

Hope that you will get some motivation from this post….God bless..

10 Questions you should ask yourself

I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course it’s hard to think of anything else when where are real issues to be discussed. Still ,I aspire for something deeper and more meaningful.

So we’re all encountered with problems. Honestly it shouldn’t even bother or even hinder us to becoming all we ought to be. Aspirations as kids should continue to live within us, even though it would be short-lived or as long as we could hold on to the dream.

1. What do I really want?
The question of the ages. So many things you want to do with your life and so little time to even go about during the day.Find something that you are good at can help realize that small step towards improvement. Diligence is the key to know that it is worth it.

2. Should I really change?
Today’s generation has taken another level of redefining ‘self’, or at least that’s what the kids are saying. If history has taught us one thing, it’s the life that we have gone through. Try to see if partying Seventies style wouldn’t appeal to the younger generation, but dancing is part of partying. Watch them applaud after showing them how to really dance than break their bones in break-dancing.

3. What’s the bright side in all of this?
With so much is happening around us there seem to be no room for even considering that light at the end of the tunnel. We can still see it as something positive without undergoing so much scrutiny. And if it’s a train at the end of the tunnel, take it for a ride and see what makes the world go round!

4. Am I comfortable with what I’m doing?
There’s always the easy way and the right way when it comes to deciding what goes with which shoes, or purse, shirt and whatnot. It doesn’t take a genius to see yourself as someone unique, or else we’ll all be equally the same in everything we do. Variety brings in very interesting and exciting questions to be experimented.

5. Have I done enough for myself?
Have you, or is there something more you want to do? Discontentment in every aspect can be dangerous in large doses, but in small amounts you’ll be able to see and do stuff you could never imagine doing.

Hmmm…I’m reminding myself and you…5 other questions will be continued….

Sweet Seventeen

This is my first post for this week, just for your information, today is my younger sister’s birthday, and yes.. It’s her Seventeen years old.
I hope that her birthday today will be great as she is…You know, for the first time in my mom’s life, she totally forgot that today was her third daughter’s birthday. Well, as for me, there is nothing to be worried about coz since two weeks ago mom had been working like there is no time left for tomorrow. Yesterday morning, mom juz finished her night shift and then rushed to Kolombong to give hand to her older sister on selling durian and other fruits. Two weeks ago was the start of fruits season and this mean MONEY to all the fruit sellers.
I assumed that you know that, to wait for the first harvest of king of fruit (Durian), you have to wait for at least 6 or 7 years. Quite a long time of waiting you sow…When you have the mind set of a bussinessman, you need to have a mindset that goes beyond years. For example, my grandma, she knew it before she decided to plant that durian seeds that, when the right time come, she would be able to harvest what she sowed. And now, in her old age, she just need to live a healthy life at home and wait for the next harvest. Nowadays, fruit season may come twice or three times a year. That’s mean MONEY, and that’s why ancient writer said, “Time is Money”
Back to my younger sister’s sweet seventeen birthday, I think I lost 17 year of planting durian seeds…hihi..
p/s: Moral of the story, value your time…today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a present!!

Unlocking Your Champion Within

Hello everyone, I’m here to share with you about a book that I bought entitled “Unlocking The Champion Within” written by Mark E. Bowser. He is known to be a proven leader with experience…even by not telling so, when I read his book, I know how great he is. My friend was right, it was far more convenient to write using one language for a blog. By doing this, I dont have to worry about what topic on English post i should make. Hehe…Well then, I’m not so good in making good sentences. But I do not have to felt ashamed since that English is not my primary language, (I’m proud to be Malaysian). I still remembered Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Tun Mahadhir Mohammad, “Good English is a Simple English”. That is why, I was never give to keep on improving my sentences and vocabularies…(and grammars as well…huhu)that’s why I still buying books up until now…books in English I mean..hehe…
Oppss…stop talking about myself. regarding this book, still not finish read it yet. But I guaranteed that the when you read the Introduction of the book, you’ll amazed on how you’re so into your focus on reading that book. Okay, I’ll cite several of the intro ….
“Imagine that you walk into your local library searching for answers.What answers you ask? The answers to success and happiness. You walk through the racks or books, wandering about aimlessly,until……..” (Unlocking Your Champion Within, Mark E Bowser, Introduction page. 7 )
And end of the citation…hehe…Even with this only three sentences could lead me to motivate myself of thinking deeply what are the reasons for everything that I’ve done in my life. What am I searching for. Yes, everyone is worth of being happy, everyone is worth of being a successful person…For me example, what are the reasons of buying books in English? Yes, I want to improve my English, at the same time, I want to find knowledge, and I don’t buy books that I dont even enjoy to read it. Most of the books I bought are from the same categories, inspirations, motivations, self-enrichment, self-enrichment. When I read those books, I felt I have the source of strength to boost up my motivation, I felt far more happy and more close to the word “success”. That’s why I will plan carefully on my budget so that I can afford to buy two books in a month.
Okay, that’s all for now. Hope that you’ve enjoying read this post as much as I’m enjoying to write this post. Till we meet again…on the next post..God bless…
p/s: will upload the pic of the book on the next post…
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