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10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Part 2..

Hello dear readers, hope that you’re always in the pink of health…here’s the last 5 questions that you should ponder in your life….hope you learn something from it…and if you agree or disagree with me, just jot down something on the comments area…i love to hear some opinions from all of you, thanks…

6. Am I happy at where I am today?
It’s an unfair question so let it be an answer! You love being a good and loving son/daughter to your parents, then take it up a notch! Your parents will love you forever. The same goes with everyday life!

7. Am I appealing to the opposite sex?
So maybe I don’t have an answer to that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try it, though. Whether you shape-up, change the way you wear your clothes or hair, or even your attitude towards people, you should always remember it will always be for your own benefit.

8. How much could I have?
I suppose in this case there is no such things on having things too much or too little, but it’s more on how badly you really need it. I’d like to have lots of money, no denying that, but the question is that how much are you willing to work for it?

9. What motivates me?
What motivates you? It’s an answer you have to find out for yourself. There are so many things that can make everyone happy, but to choose one of the may be the hardest part. It’s not like you can’t have one serving of your favorite food in a buffet and that’s it. Just try it piece by piece.

10. What Really Makes You Tick?
So? What really makes you tick? You can be just about anything you always wanted to be, but to realize that attaining something that may seem very difficult is already giving up before you even start that journey. Always remember, that self-improvement is not just about the physical or philosophical change you have to undergo, but it’s something that you really want.

Hope that you will get some motivation from this post….God bless..

Greetings and Introduction

Greetings to all of the readers…this is the second blog that I made for free…thanks to google for their free service…blogging is so much fun. The purpose I made this blog is that I want to be more focus on self-motivation sharing with all of you here. Besides, I do love journaling my experience on how I motivate myself to achieve something that I want in life. And I do believe that everyone of us has a different story on how we managed to success in life just by pushing our self-motivation. Thus, I hope that we could share some memorable sharings in here.

But before that I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Warnnie Musah and I was borned in East Malaysia on 13th April 1983. Currently I’m taking my master degree by research in ICT field. Hopefully that I will graduated next year…I lived peacefully and happily with my beloved parents together with my siblings (one brother and 3 lovely younger sisters).

Okay, I guess that’s all for a start…will write more on the next post..hope to meet virtual friends here to share thoughts and tips for self-motivation in life..God bless…

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